Equine Art Therapy


Touch … Touch is a sense we use daily. Yet we often miss so many of the details of the experience. Touch is directly related to feeling – both outside and inside. As we prepare our horses to be painted, the entire experience involves touching and feeling, both on a physical level and an emotional level. From haltering the horse in the pasture to leading the horse to a serene, shaded spot to work while grooming away the dust, dirt and hair (as well as any personal anxiety, sadness, worry) to mixing our paints, loading our brushes with color, and creating anything you choose on your horse – painting on a pony canvas can be one of the most relaxing, healing, inspiring, fulfilling experiences you have with a horse.

Or if you prefer, we can ask the ponies and donkeys to paint a picture on canvas. Several of the Pink Pony Posse really enjoy the process of creating this type of art. Animal and art joining forces in nature … there is really nothing else like it and must be experienced firsthand to understand.

Join us at Pink Pony Ranch for an hour, half a day, or a full day to create a masterpiece you call your own. We can parade your painted pony to the Ventura River in the Ojai Nature Preserve. At Pink Pony Ranch, everyone is an artist and every horse is a canvas.