Hauling and Transport

At Pink Pony Ranch, we take great pride in providing the safest and most comfortable, reliable and affordable transportation for your equines. Whether across town or across the country, we treat every animal we haul as if he or she were our own. We will always accommodate special requests as some ponies like to face backwards while others cannot be tied. We also have experience with horses with special needs such as the blind, neglected, less handled, and wild horses. All dividers – including the tack room divider – can be removed to provide extra room and a stock trailer set-up allowing the tack room door to be used as an emergency exit for loading ungentled Wild Ones. Stallions welcome. Our four-horse slant trailer is routinely serviced for safety.

Please call or text for a quote. Rates begin at $100/haul base rate. That means if you are hauling one horse a shorter distance (within the Ojai Valley, for instance), your total cost will be $100 with no additional fuel costs. If you are hauling seven horses between towns in one county (which requires two trips), your cost will be $50/horse plus fuel. Total cost depends on distance and number of horses.

Give us a call today at 541-729-7474 to see how we can meet your hauling needs.