From the Horses’ Mouths

Grace & Iris - first trail rideWhat develops at Pink Pony Ranch can best be described personally by those who have established relationships with these amazing horses.

“Hi Amy Jo,
We visited the horses and the donkeys today. Our Grandson’s Aunt was visiting and he wanted to show her what he has been doing. It was fun. He was so proud to introduce the animals. He really is happy with the program.
– see you soon ….. James”

“Amy Jo has a wonderful way with kids and adults new or returning to horses. She instills confidence, teaches excellent horsemanship and safety, and shows people that they can have a wonderful relationship with a horse, not just get on and ride.”  “Wow!  It’s incredible!  The work you do is wonderful!”  ~Simrat K.

“You and Cornelius truly changed Piper’s life, and we are grateful that we crossed paths with you!”    ~Christopher W.

“Thanks so much for taking so much time with Iris today!  When we got in the car, she said, “Today is the best day of my life!”  She so enjoyed the day and really loved Grace.  She’s been dreaming up more photo shoot ideas this afternoon, too.”  ~Jennifer A.

“Thank you so much for everything that you and Iris did for our kids today. The girls immediately asked when we could go back! You really created a wonderful and empowering experience for the kids.  I look forward to being in touch about coming out again this spring and in the summer. ”  ~Kathy L.

“We had a very special day.  When E. woke up from his nap the first thing out of his mouth was about riding on Corn.  What an impression!  And O. asked when he can “go to the ranch,” too.  We will definitely be in touch about another lesson and what summer may bring.”  ~Sarah C.



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