Horses & Humans, Helping & Healing, Learning & Leading


Pink Pony Ranch is a personalized horse-and-human program; riding is only a portion of what we do. The student becomes an integral part of the teaching and learning process, creating a balanced and equal partnership between horse and human.


What develops at Pink Pony Ranch is something very different from a classical riding program. We do not teach any particular discipline, enforce technical rules, or expect mastery or perfection.  In fact, imperfection is key to what we do.  Nothing in life is perfect, and we all must learn to cope and deal with the imperfections in us all.


What we learn at Pink Pony Ranch is all about life whether we are practicing the sitting trot bareback, walking the donkeys on the trail, or painting our names and favorite flowers on our pony’s hindquarters. At Pink Pony Ranch, we use our physical senses and our intuition, sharing space and time with wild horses … helping and healing, learning and leading.

Cornelius & Piper - feeding grass