Goat’s Milk Soap & Buttermilk Bath

buttermilk bath Eric 4 filterNeed a great gift idea? Throwing a baby shower and need party favors for the guests as well as for the mother-to-be?  Holding a bridal shower or bachelorette party and need gifts for the party goers?  Having a huge wedding with 200 of your closest friends and want something simple yet 100% usable for your guests to take home?  Need something fancy and homespun for that impossible-to-buy-for friend or family member?  Do you have volunteers you want to thank for their hard work?  Look no further!  We work around the clock to create the most luxurious, relaxing, healthy, great-smelling, body-nourishing products available on the market.   And after you have emptied your jar of buttermilk bath and ordered another, the glass jar can be reused for canning, as a drinking glass, or as a candle holder. Nothing is wasted at the Pink Pony Ranch.

Pink Pony Buttermilk Bath is made from the finest, food-grade ingredients available.  Each unique jar of Pink Pony Buttermilk Bath & every soap is individually handcrafted locally in Pleasant Hill, Oregon.  Custom orders are welcomed.  Just give us a call to request a special scent, essential oil combination, or even the addition of dried herbs to your buttermilk bath & soap.  We also have a large selection of soap molds from which to choose.  If you have a theme or a special idea in mind, just let us know.

SCENTS                                                                                                                                              “Hippie-Dippie-Trippie” (Patchouli + Ylang Ylang) Earthy and light
“Sweet Woods Walk” (Sweet Orange + Vetiver) Woodsy and sensual
“Cocoa-Mint” (White Chocolate Cocoa + Peppermint) Ever want to bathe in Junior Mints?
“Christmas in the Tub” (Allspice + Clove + Cinnamon Leaf + Sweet Orange) Great all year long
“Purple Haze” (Vanilla + Lavender) A special order that has become a favorite
“Free your Mind” (Eucalyptus + Rosemary + Peppermint) Great for those with allergies
“Limon” (Lemon + Lime) Excellent for children
“Clean Freak” (Lavender + Sweet Orange) A popular favorite
“Tingle Me Clean” (Rosemary + Mint) Very clean, refreshing, and leaves you feeling tingly clean
“Citrus Punch” (Sweet Orange + Lemon + Lime) Just plain yummy                                              “Clove-Studded Orange” ( Clove + Sweet Orange) Seriously awesome


Custom blends and individual oils available upon request.  Just ask!

At no additional cost, we can add a little ZING! to your buttermilk bath and surprise you with some effervescence.  Just ask.  And then forget you asked so you are surprised.

Pink Pony Ranch is working directly with Chris the Barber of Pleasant Hill Barber Shop to create several beard and body bars specifically designed for men.  This project is truly Chris’ brain-child, and Chris has provided all the expert ideas, recommendations, and extensive research and development into these products.  Pink Pony Ranch has been busy in the kitchen, producing three soaps/shampoos designed specifically for men that will leave any man’s beard, hair, and body clean and moisturized.  Together we have also designed the perfect unscented camping and hunting bar (removes and absorbs all scents) that doubles as a wonderful exfoliating bar for those men who suffer from drier skin as it sloughs and moisturizes.  Please contact Chris directly at the Pleasant Hill Barber Shop to purchase these economical, effective, specialty soaps/ shampoos. Pleasant Hill Barber Shop is located at 84899 Tillicum next to the post office off Highway 58 (just past Pisgah Public Market).buttermilk bath Eric 3

PRICING – Buttermilk Bath + Soap
$25/half gallon

PRICING – Soap only

May be purchased locally or shipped.  Prices above do not include shipping charges.  You can purchase Pink Pony Buttermilk Bath and Goat’s Milk Soaps at Open Range in Sisters,  Mountain Therapeutics in Oakridge, Pleasant Hill Feed in Pleasant Hill, and Now & Zen Hair Design in Pleasant Hill – all in the beautiful State of Oregon.   You can also purchase directly from Pink Pony Ranch.  Just shoot me an email or give me a call.

Manufacturer’s Warning: Once you have soaked in Pink Pony Buttermilk Bath, you will never go back to your old bath products. Be ready to join the other Cowgirls and boys who refuse to dip their tired hooves in anything but Pink Pony Ranch products!


“I consider myself a connoisseur of bath products, and Pink Pony Buttermilk Bath has become my favorite luxury.  With no harsh ingredients, it leaves your skin feeling soft rather than dried out – no rushing from the bath to slather on lotion like with so many products!  And the scents are amazing.  The Cocoa-Mint smells good enough to drink, while Christmas in the Tub evokes a holiday feeling all year round.  Open a jar of Clean Freak, and the lavender top note yields to a surprising sweet orange base note as it hits the warm water.  But Clove-Studded Orange has to be my favorite pick – warm, soothing, everything a bath should be!”  ~Stephenie F., Oregon

“The only thing better than the products themselves is the wonderful customer service.  When I needed party favors for a baby shower I was hosting, Amy Jo came through with a truly custom order.  I got to choose the scent, color, and size for the Buttermilk Bath, and she included Goat’s Milk Soaps to match the shower theme.  The guests were thrilled to receive a unique and locally made product.  Thanks so much!”    ~Stephenie F., Oregon

“The Clean Freak (Lavender + Sweet Orange) was awesome!  As soon as it hit the hot water, you could really smell the orange!  Lovely.  I also want to reiterate how awesome Clove-Studded Orange is.  Seriously.”  ~Stephenie F., Oregon

Pink Pony Ranch Products   ♥   pinkponyranch@gmail.com   ♥   541-729-7474

buttermilk bath Eric 1Photos courtesy of Eric Merchant

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