Eco Equine Experience

Find yourself in the warm, nurturing embrace of Mother Nature while being safely, honorably and respectfully led by the sentient guidance of our wild horses. Here you will find the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual soul healing for which your heart has been longing.

You already have everything you need to feel complete again. Sometimes you need a little help finding that place. We know. We have been there ourselves.

Because you are not lost. Find yourself again. Let us take you there.

Remember as a child when you spent hours outside … playing in the dirt with sticks and stones, climbing grassy hills, lying under a remote tree daydreaming, running to an unfamiliar fence line when you spotted a horse nickering for a scratch and a handful of fresh grass? Before television, before computers, before cell phones and social media and texting … before we hooked up to electronic devices for hours a day and became detached from one another and from ourselves … we went to nature for our joy, our fulfillment, our peace, ourselves. Join us back in nature with our horses or with our dogs as we explore, discover and share what matters most to all of us. Begin healing from the years of disconnection from each other and from ourselves. You are still there. We will help you find your joy, your peace … yourself.

We take care of every detail of your nature experience. Spend an hour or a day. Join us once or design your own monthly program where we venture into beautiful, natural spaces full of life and healing. We will transport you and provide healthy, organic snacks and water as well as 100% natural, organic insect repellent. Please alert us of any food and/or insect allergies; physical, mental and/or emotional limitations or concerns; and time constraints you have. While the Eco Equine Experience does not involve horseback riding, should you connect with one of the horses and continue to work with the horse regularly, riding during your time spent in nature is a possibility.

The therapeutic work of healing has never been so enjoyable, fulfilling, and effective.

* We are currently fully booked for all of June 2018. Openings are available beginning July 1, 2018 and fill up quickly. Call us at 541-729-7474, write us at, or contact us on the form below to schedule your Eco Equine Experience.